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Established 1979
Specialists in Corporate Magic and Training
Telephone: 07776 426732
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We are often asked if it is possible to learn magic tricks from free magic videos and information on the internet.

The answer to this is yes but it can be very poor quality or give incorrect information.  Often it is performed by children with very little performing or presentation experience and sometimes the methods employed can be very dangerous.

We are professional magicians and entertainers and have many years of experience in the entertainment industry.  Our magic lessons and fun days have been developed to enable you to learn at your own pace from experienced working magicians.

The academy has access to a very large library of books on magic and it's allied arts and so is often able to provide solutions to your magical or presentation problems.

We are happy to help with research for television and media and also for anyone else with a genuine interest in magical entertainment.  As we are very busy professionals, please do not telephone your requests but send them to us by email.  We will then be able to give your request more of our valuable time and send you an answer as soon as we can.

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